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KG Ball Bearing Pte. Ltd., Singapore is a prestigious supplier of quality Bearings of all kind Bearings. We pride ourselves in supplying the product knowledge, application expertise, quality control and consistently dependable service that our customers have come to expect.

KG Ball Bearing Pte. Ltd., Singapore is the most advanced technological business venture of Technocrats and market leaders.
KG Ball Bearing Pte. Ltd., Singapore is a fast growing company in the trading of Ball Bearings and Spherical Roller Bearings with the sound working experience of varied bearings. KG Ball Bearing Pte. Ltd., Singapore exports considerable variety of Bearings under the trade name of "KZ" and has the modern Computerised machinery and equipment to produce highly precise quality bearings. It has also fully equipped Chemical and metallurgical laboratories and standard room facilities.

KZ bearings are marketed through out whole Europe, U. S. A., Africa and most of the Asian countries. The quality of bearings is accepted by every one.